This book is a serious wake-up call especially for women, who too often are unaware of the karma they take on with their sexual relationships. While honoring the sacred creative force of sex to integrate, harmonize and balance, this book decries how sex is so commonly misused in pursuit of physical pleasure, security, or what commonly passes as ‘love’ while in fact consciously or unconsciously wounding the Heart. Its twenty chapters represent Tisziji’s answers to questions from women crying out for guidance and help in recovering from supposedly “loving” sexual relationships which have instead left them feeling drained and wounded.

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Tisziji: “This is not a work to be taken lightly or rushed through. The words have given and continue to provide a lifeline to peace, dignity, truth and love-wisdom. … It is a work for the emergent healing of shattered psychic forces and the awakening of true creative and healing energies. It is a catastrophic viewing of the dangerous existence of psycho-sexual entrapments in the world of relationships.””Too many women compromise themselves in the name of self-preservation or self-image, and in the context of an abusive, corruptive or imbalanced relationship build huge emotional blocks whose relief too often shows up after an emotional breakdown, a collapse of integrity or a catastrophic disintegration of the spiritual forces. … True self value is undermined, and their moral compass goes haywire. Such individuals spin out of control, needing medical and spiritual help.””Negative emotion is dangerous and lethal if allowed to remain unchecked, unreleased and unrecognized for what it is and is doing to the body-mind and its world. Men may recognize their victim’s deterioration but because of egotism and lust for power, they do not have the courage to pull back and turn it around for the women. Instead, they push conditions beyond the breaking point, caring for no one but themselves and their self-serving sexual pleasuring. Women wake up and walk!”

“… Separate from negative companions without any hesitation and begin a recovery of forces program, which can begin as soon as one is intelligent or aware enough to know that they have to be alone—absolutely alone. Not physically and psychically separated from their children, but alone from their … insensitive and spiritually dead ‘other’ long enough to … cause a self-healing, a regeneration of exhausted sexual, psychic and creative forces which, without fail, can immediately restore one’s sense of balance, dignity and long overdue self-respect.”

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