In this work, Tisziji penetrated, deconstructed and laid bare many of the questions which his discipline as a Roman Catholic encouraged him to repress and leave unanswered. The questioning method used in the Be Bold Enough To Ask booklet empowers readers to inspect pre-assumed ideologies or doctrines about Jesus and his mission and to look beyond the Christian viewpoint.
In this text, Tisziji brings his practice of Free Inquiry to the Story of Jesus of Nazareth. These brilliant comments and profound questions were recorded at Open Sky, New York, during Easter Weekend of 1988. In this booklet, Tisziji bears his heart as a former practicing Roman Catholic. Tisziji’s genius passionately penetrates, breaks down and lays bare many of the questions which Tisziji’s discipline as a Roman Catholic encouraged him to repress and leave unanswered. Thus, having broken through the veil of the Great Question and the Great Answer, which the Story of Jesus presented itself as, Tisziji teaches that one should Be Bold enough to Ask. Being bold enough to ask for Truth, Be Free enough to receive It. Blessed are the Bold in Spirit for they shall find the irresistible, liberating Truth!

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“Genuine practitioners recognize Jesus as a practitioner who was perhaps more advanced in certain ways and clearly not as advanced in other ways, as there are powerful contradictions in his teachings, suggesting that his original transmissions were possibly fragmentally recorded or distorted misinterpretations of his actual teachings or that, out of necessity, he spoke differently to different beings and taught according to circumstance and therefore revealed only certain aspects of his teachings to certain individuals at certain times and only under certain conditions. However, such bold and controversial statements such as ‘I Am the Way’ or that ’I Am the only Begotten Son’ must continue to sound discordant upon the inner ear of some progressing, advanced or enlightened Spirit-Souls. For in the maze and chaos of his teachings, or rather, his disciple’s writings, he did also say that, ‘Those who do the Work of my Father may do greater things than I’, which implies that others could be Sons or Daughters of god like himself. But all of this remains unclear and seemingly forever left to controversy and interpretation.”