Tisziji takes a closer look at the spiritual implications of misdirected Mastership in his book, Once Is for Always, while recognizing the essential function of all True Masters, but also the confusion that has resulted from the many teachings which have been shared in different styles through different teachers, at different points in time. Tisziji has taught that many traditional and even New Age spiritual works have become massive and powerful organizations which conscript seekers and offer institutionalized religious instruction, disregarding the true needs of the individual.

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“Clearly, any organizational activities which are sponsored, promoted or directed by spiritually undeveloped leadership, inevitably encourage, activate or empower certain forms of mechanical attachments, desires or materialism and a cycle of unnecessary painful dependencies or attachments which only genuine spiritual practice can transform or dissolve. Therefore, many beings, in many so-called spiritual organizations, wind up accumulating and developing karmas of materialism rather than experience being released from such karmas. Desirelessness, openness and true detachment from all forms of self-clinging mark a humble, but powerful servant or indicate genuine spiritual leadership. In and beyond such humble or free service is the free-Master or agent of the Sacred Heart Itself.”