In All Relations Appear to Disappear, Tisziji examines the temporary nature of human relationships, particularly those with a sexual focus, which tend to cause all manner of suffering through attachment and desire. Tisziji writes frankly and humorously about the angst, anxiety and emotional disturbances that too often pervade such relationships and what one can do to get beyond it.

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“When it comes to suffering relationships, ‘Welcome to the universe.’ And what that statement is supposed to mean is ‘Welcome to the stream of changes.’ Welcome to the isness of the universe of karmic, mechanical phenomena. False identification with this phenomena, especially in terms of relations, generates and is suffering. Thus, suffering time changes is what this is about. Marriages and relationships are not intended to last beyond a point. Beings who engage in legal contracts have no absolute guarantees. All the swearing, all the promising, all the momentary exquisite physio-sexual pleasures, all the oohs, ahs, and umms, the sweet words and sounds in the night, all of the secret pacts, fantasies and dreams under or between the sheets and all of the promised or unpromised possibilities, don’t mean anything when the time comes to change, or when the time comes to get off it and move on to the rest of your life!