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These talks on the Sacred Time-Path were given to friends and students during the year of 1987. This book may be used by all beginner astrologic Time-Watchers and especially those engaged in time-transcending spiritual practices who intend to or aspire to be Time-Masters. Although this book may be used by any and all beings, its highest use is as a contemplation device which may fine-tune certain individuals to the highest possibilities of each sign-phase during its respective period. Therefore, this Mandala or Wheel of Time does not merely describe some of the qualities of the individuals born during these time-phases, but also describes what each individual, regardless of their sign, must acknowledge and master during these phases, even to the degree of Perfection if one is to transcend the changing influences or activities of Time as measured from the viewpoint of the annual cycle of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. For truly, each and every being is a unique composite of all signs, all times, all forces, all energies and the Source Itself, Free Spirit-Soul Being. —Tisziji Muñoz

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“It is important to look at these cycles, these ‘wheels of time,’ as each individual uses this opportunity to recognize and utilize the best of their own time, this present lifetime. Is one progressing in terms of moving directly through the signs as they progress from Aries through Taurus to Pisces? Or are individuals in their life-lessons regressing as they move through the signs, going through time and space, moving from Aries to Pisces to Aquarius instead of directly from Aries to Pisces through Taurus? Who is moving backwards, regressing and not getting their time-lessons straight? Who is standing still, stagnating, confused or unable to make a choice one way or the other? Who is moving forward and committed to a life of spiritual practice, self-mastery, selfless service, Self-Realization and God or Love Consciousness?”