As a direct result of the astrology courses, Tisziji created several texts which offered useful astrologic guidelines. The Introduction To Time-Mastery, already extensively quoted in this work, was a basic primer that described the concepts and purpose of Time-watching as Tisziji understood it. A companion workbook entitled, Time-Mastery, Book One, The Time Wheel, offered readers Tisziji’s Heart Wisdom view of astrology. In this practical, insightful work Tisziji described, in simple terms, the interrelational correspondences of the signs, houses and planets, as well as the many variables and interactive forces which individuals needed to consider in their charts.

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“What Time-watching offers is an insight into the phenomena of recyclic time-patterns enabling one to put an end to fighting with time in space, struggling with so-called problems and the need or tendency to blame other people or things for such problems, when in fact what is lacking is a deep and spiritual but scientific insight and inquiry into one’s own time in space. Why blame anyone else for things happening or not happening to you? There is no one to praise or blame about it. It is all a matter of one’s birth-time, and therefrom being subject to dependency on the universe or world itself. The conflict ends when the mystery about events in time starts to dissolve. One acquires a ‘certainty of being’ through discriminate Time-watching. One sees the pattern of life. Such a vision enables one to have a handle on these time-cycles. The Time-watcher’s viewpoint is an inherently natural viewpoint. Therefore, be patient with one’s unfoldment in these ways. Time-watching is easy and enjoyable to learn and practice, especially from the point of view of wisdom and not just for ‘knowing’ for its own sake.”