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This talk was given on July 5, 2006, addressing the needs of those individuals whose presence or practice in my company was preceded by either interest in or participation in traditional forms of psychotherapy. While this teaching is not against such Western techniques, people suffer from not knowing what creates neurosis to begin with and that the world shows up as a conspiracy to make people absolutely and only neurotic enough to subscribe to the materialism, scientism and commercialism of conventional unenlightened worldliness. Furthermore, whether or not people are in or out of their therapies, this teaching recommends that people operate from a more prior condition of existence, the condition of enlightenment as being light, to recognize and remember their responsibility to destroy every form of programmed victimization and re-create every conceivable potential level of mastery over self, thought, mind, world and beyond. —Tisziji Muñoz

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“Arouse your intelligence and awaken to this practice and end your journey on the spot. Without a journey, there is hereness. Without a journeyer, there is beingness. Without a place to journey to, there is hereness. In hereness, there is sharpness. In this sharpness, there is clarity, and out of this clarity comes peacefulness. Out of this exquisite peacefulness is born Heart-being, true and only radiant Heart-being. Breathe, exhale and enjoy radiant Heart-beingness.”

“Realizing the Master beyond all appearances, all displays, all manifestations, all dramatizations and all demonstrations is to be in proper resonance with the impersonal function of the Master, as the Heart of silence and its sound of love.”

“Transcendent Heart-Love is the greatest healing power the world will ever know. The freedom to love completely beyond self, suffering and neurosis is the way of grace and gratitude to the Master of the Heart, the power of Spirit and the wisdom of totality, in the burn form of God-Fire.”

“The living Master’s burn is the light. As the light, it is both the path and the goal. It is both the way and the way it isn’t. This fire burns freely and never according to the designs or intentions of the self-mind. For all that must be burned will be sacrificed sooner or later, just as the purpose of life is to die sooner or later. On this fact, one should awaken sooner than later.”