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For those who have had considerable practice in the various traditions and sufficient meditation training to be able to sit and inquire more deeply as to their true nature, then I Am Silence is recommended as the text providing the most immediate, direct and world transcending exercises. I Am Silence has a more Zen Buddhist flavor for those whose minds are in resonance with such simplicity and subtlety of language.

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“Silence! Breathe slow and deep. Relax. Hear. See. Be. Now sit and recognize no self, no thought, no mind, no time and no cycles of beginning or endings. Only breathing is freedom. Only freedom is discipline. Only freedom is practice. But only Silence is freedom.”Stop! Be Silence under all conditions. Create the space and peace of Silence. Be Silence in the midst of all beings. Be Silence in the center of all sounds, especially in the midst of those noises and disturbing, painful and tragic circumstances you choose not to be free of. Be free of all stress and concern. Turn every thought into Silence. Start! Be Silence.”

“Be Silence and look neither within nor without, neither deeply nor superficially. Be Silence and let Silence look and see and hear and be for itself. Who will be this clear?”

“Be Silence and be free. Be the divine medicine who is Silence and be healed of all tendencies and sins. Be Silence and be beyond sinning and acting against anything and anyone. Be Silence and transcend self, thought and mind. Be Silence and all problems and imaginings disappear. Be Silence, penetrate consciousness and realize free action. Be Silence and let Silence act, let Silence be its own thoughtless thought and let Silence be as only Silence is.”