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In this work, Tisziji fully describes the joy, peace, happiness and clarity that can be experienced when one is in a state of transcendent Aloneness. He also sheds light on the ordinary neurosis of perceived loneliness and the destructive results of such thinking and programming. Tisziji’s paradoxical remedy for loneliness is Aloneness as the purest and most complete way of being.

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“What and who is truly alone abides in Silence and surrenders to the master intelligence of life. One who is established in the silence of aloneness at the level of perfect balance allows the creative tension of the Heart between worlds to flow freely outwards to all beings. Such free flowingness of the Heart’s radiant silence maintains perfect balance between what is created and what is creative. These forces of matter and fire-energy expose the universal field of possibility to supervision, higher wisdom and transcendent knowing, which knows itself as being alone beyond this life and its universes of likes and processes, relations and implications, meanings and revelations as to who and what is real and ultimately true.”