Tisziji wrote Awakening Beyond All Culturing to address the human disposition towards connecting to group consciousness and the need many people have to belong to, or believe in, religious or spiritual works where they could get lost in the crowd without having to confront or address their real spiritual needs. In this work, Tisziji takes a humorous and thought-provoking look at the many forms of “cults” that pervade Western society.

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“Human beings are cultic beings! They naturally love and gravitate toward other beings. All belief systems are cultic! All offense or defense systems or strategies are cultic. All positions, opinions, perceptions or viewpoints are cultic. All dedication or devotion is cultic in nature. All secular and sectarian rituals, practices and ceremonies are cultic, but not necessarily occultic. Any system, couple, group, community or organization which routinely or ritualistically assumes, presumes or practices anything for the purposes of exclusivity based upon agreement, commitment, dedication, conformity, promise or oath taking is cultic by nature, whether or not such a cult is legal or sanctioned by local, social or spiritual law.”