Tisziji’s beloved paternal Aunt Gracie (Siddha-Ma) gave him spiritual support, recognition and guidance during his early years. The Psychic Family Record is a compilation of talks and interviews in which Gracie shares her understanding of Tisziji’s spiritual functions and abilities.

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Gracie: “Always remember, Tisziji’s always been spiritual. And whatever he says to people at times, it’s not him saying it. It’s Spirit that’s near him, guiding him, you know. And he’s got very high spirits. And they’re not only from here, this country, they’re from different countries and different lands, from way back, which you’re not seeing from this generation.”

Tisziji’s Take on Muñoz Family
Spiritualist’s Core Teachings

  1. The physical body, its ‘family’ river of blood and their circumstances, are temporary, conditional, and transformable.
  2. Each being is a unit of Spirit-Soul, Heart-essence. No spirit is only or merely ‘their’ body. Therefore, a human spirit can and must learn to understand, love, master, leave and transcend the physical body or partake of the Heart of all beings, at any time and hence, prepare to leave the body at death in order to ultimately partake of the cosmic body of total realization.
  3. Each being finally returns to their appropriate level in the astral or next world of spirits when their time is up by agreement or circumstance or when their spiritual-mission is complete and done, by law, not by will or destiny alone.
  4. Each being reincarnates from the vast ocean of the Spirit world and reincarnates according to their high or low tendencies, attachments, detachments, agreements, disagreements, relative qualities, practices, programs, vibrational tones or levels and karmic requirements, purifications in accordance with their complete release from these aforementioned conditions.
  5. The great or holy Spirit is the force, presence and power of all-pervasive, clear-light radiance and pure peace. ‘God’ is a word for divine love, infinite intelligence, total awareness, radiant silence and the fire of Heart-wisdom.
  6. Each being is born into a maze of ‘formerly’ created and agreed upon karmic lessons, relations and conditions, and there-through, each is charged with the mission or responsibility to recognize, overcome and master, thus be free of all conditions through a life practice of selflessly realized ecstatic Heart-communion.
  1. True spirituality or enlightenment can neither be taught nor learned. It must be awakened into and realized perfectly. Spirituality is a process of unfoldment and a refinement of consciousness awareness, which is at once natural, spontaneous, liberating, healing and enlightening.
  1. True guidance is free! It promotes well-being and brings about spiritual, peaceful comfort by virtue of its practice of knowing transcendent realization. True guidance is always spiritual, thus transcendent or neutral, guidance; and therefore inspires freedom of Spirit, the grace of compassion and the joy of enlightenment.
  2. Each Soul gains through forgiveness or letting be and letting go of self-suffering, which means to selflessly give love, give freedom and give space. Forgiveness is the practice of compassionate detachment. True forgiveness, givingness or being selflessness is a realization that true Heart love is greater than all else. Such a love is the divine itself.”

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