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Heart Blood is a revelation of Tisziji’s evolution as a master musician. He describes his progression from the karmic experiences of his youth through to his function as a healer, creative spirit and sound master. He offers us a glimpse into the bleeding heart of one who plays beyond the suffering, conflicts, mechanical forms, mental programs, imitations, ego-based social rituals and expectations that drive most musicians. With compassionate wisdom he shares his vision and knowledge of truly creative music and how it emanates from the Heart that has experienced pain as well as joy. Tisziji encourages all musicians to play from their spiritual cores where their purest expressions can be realized.

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“Music, as I have realized and practiced it, is not other than the expression of the consciousness awareness of my life, especially from the astral, psychic or feeling plane. From my view, sound, vibration, musical tonality, pitch, melody and harmony are musical forms of feeling-knowing or knowing through feeling. This process of psychically reading and feeding off of music is dependent upon sensitivity to the karmic of spiritual message within the sound’s feeling. Thus, to my ear, sound as music is feeling with meaning and psychic correspondence to the world at large, while some music of the unconscious levels is clearly from beyond this Earth-based, time-space world as a physical or merely intellectual domain of structure and mechanical and technical possibilities. All that I play, whether I can use it or not, is authentic, genuine and real to me when I play it or hear it back. It is the word! It is my gospel!”