Moving beyond, being beyond and seeing beyond all perceived limitations, while defining the evolutionary phases of spiritual unfoldment, is the focus of Tisziji’s guidelines for serious practitioners in his 1987 booklet, Seeing Beyond.

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“The Five Levels of Being refer to unfoldment of consciousness, whereas the Seven Levels of Reality are fundamentally planes of operation which each being, regardless of their level of Being, operates from as a multi-dimensional human being. Level of Reality refers to the dimension by, as or from which certain perceptions are made, whereas Level of Being pertains to the state of consciousness, state of unenlightened or enlightened realization from which a corresponding understanding of limitation or liberation may be brought to such perceptions or dimensions of consciousness. Thus, a dimension of consciousness is not equal to a state of being, from which all dimensions of consciousness may be understood.

“Gorillas and monkeys are a state of being from which they experience their levels of reality to include the physical level of action, the astral level of feeling, their psychic perceptions, the causal perceptions of memories, and what may be considered thought within their domain, and ultimately what these beings may experience as participation in the spiritual domain of the Heart relative to their state of being animals or apes, as such. So we could also compare the Five Levels of Being to having a car and just operating out of the first gear or first level. The second level is the second gear on up to the highest rate of vibration which corresponds to the fifth gear. The seven levels of Reality refer to the instrumentation which each Spirit Soul is given to use and master in their journey or life mission from one point which is birth to the point of death or termination of the destination. Thus, genuine spiritual practice is an introduction, initiation or empowerment into the possibilities and potencies of the Third Level of Being.

“At the Third Level of Being there is a distinct weakening and neutralizing of the influence of certain negative karmatic patterns. Thus, the Third Level of Being is a true balancing point between the lower and the higher worlds. All genuinely unfolding practitioners move towards this midpoint. They move towards realizing this center point which is called that point of ‘no return’ to the karmic path and that point of Self-Realization which, paradoxically, as a center point, one realizes that they have no center, they are a Centerless Center of Being, beyond which are not necessarily greater levels of Consciousness Awareness as much as greater levels of responsibility, mastery, and selfless service to all beings.

The Matter of Spiritual Intelligence

“Each human being is a functionally individualized version of Soul of Itself. There are five predominating levels of Life-Intelligence, Free Awareness or Enlightenment through which individuals may move into, fluctuate between, or pass beyond. While some beings may seem to fit exclusively in one group, it is safe to recognize that each human being is a relatively composite combination of these levels of being, all of which unconsciously or consciously aspire towards realization at the Third Level of Being.”