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Tisziji! Oh Friend and Master is a book written by one of Tisziji’s students in which he shares recollections and insights about Tisziji as a teacher and musician and the powerful effect that this association has had on his life. This book is supplemented by interviews with Tisziji regarding music, the spiritual path, relationships, time watching, vegetarianism and more. As an added bonus to this testimonial work, rare archival photos of Tisziji add visual impact.

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Jacob (Jinpa) Lettrick: “A Master is free to share direct, insightfully critical or humorously transparent views from Its self-liberated mind in any form imaginable, whether it be through conversation, through touch, through a gesture, through sheer presence, through the dream state, through music or through any spiritual means. Even the gift of simply being in the silent presence of a Master is not without its shocks and startling revelations. Being with a Master is being with a pure spirit. Being with a Master is a purification by spiritual fire. In a Master’s presence, the radiant and transforming consciousness of an illuminated illuminating being is powerfully shared with those who tune into a Master’s Buddha or pure awareness wave, and shared even with those who negatively react against such a powerfully mysterious being. Being with a Master is like experiencing the being which is the ocean. A Master’s infinite Wisdom, piercing insights and time-crushing revelations flow freely and deeply, while a Master’s great Heart absorbs the tremendous karmic burdens which students bring. And yet, a Master is ever-situated in a state of Happy Free Being. Being with a Master is being with a gracious prince, a powerful shaman or spirit worker and a compassionate, wise, humorous, intense and free-spirited native chief. Being with a Master is being with a healer, protector and spiritual friend. Being with a Master is being with a teacher, guide and guardian. Being with a Master is being with the most humble of God’s servants, a Master of service and a liberator of soul Awareness.”