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For better or for worse, all people take on and assume massive amounts of cumulative emotional, psychic, karmic and cultural influences through their inherited family trees. Tisziji has assisted many with working through the entanglement of negative family situations that obstruct and hinder spiritual progress. River of Blood is the result of intense discussions with associates who were suffering as victims of mechanical and intractable blood relations. This work was offered as a tool for understanding, healing and overcoming the difficulties of family relations.

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“Most family circles, of ordinary, unenlightened beings, can be seen as a clan of worms, unconsciously working against material and spiritual progress. When family karma is viewed from the theory of reincarnational possibilities, one may find that there is a tremendous amount of mystery involved in knowing or feeling who, in the blood family circle, is really a sympathetic and, in the positive sense of the word, a familial spirit. The word familial corresponds to a close or distant relative or relation from a past or the present lifetime. Familial implies sharing a common attachment or bond, or sharing similar psychic needs or tendencies, even at times to an extraordinary or telepathic degree, with those who are born in the same family or blood circle. Such a sharing is necessary, and perhaps good, up to a point.

“Blood karma primarily indicates similar or the same physical and astral (or emotional) karma, and what the ‘blood’ or family tendencies, inclinations or limitations are usually directly related to, such as attachments to physical or gross karmas, the karmas of lower or dark world association, the karmas of degeneracy, bad blood or vulgarity and attachments to the karmas of behavioral patterns and degenerative cycles of anger, doubt, confusion, violence, hostility or tragedy. Ordinary family blood karma represents and is the ‘dark stream’ and the ‘karmas of suffering’. Spiritual family karma and inner stream guidance represent the bright stream and the karma or activity of enlightened being.”