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There are few beings who come to Tisziji with the openness and need for him to manifest specific teachings, teachings that can only get to the world through the intensity of such individuals’ need for deep and profound wisdom healing. One such individual is Ellen (Virmananda) Gilley.

This vast and original spoken work called The All-Knowing Nothing was a concept Tisziji had for a teaching several years before actually creating it. Tisziji asked Virmananda to remind him to write this book, and so for four years she reminded him at the end of every email she sent him by writing: “Since the Heart is always perfect, thank you for The All-Knowing Nothing.” Eventually, in October 2013, Tisziji began to speak this great teaching to Virmananda, which she recorded for all to read and benefit from. Strangely, Virmananda’s hearing was impaired during this transmission, so she had to keep asking Tisziji to speak up so that she could hear and record the teaching correctly. So Tisziji practically shouted this teaching, a teaching which Virmananda benefited from immensely, and which she never wanted to end!

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If you don’t let go of the world,
How can it let go of you?
What is liberated!
If you don’t give suffering back to itself,
How can it release you from itself?
Who is liberated!