No Who training in mastery requires adjusting one’s position from body slave to body master, from sleep slave to sleep master, from sex slave to sex master, so that nothing of the vital pulls you into sleep slavery, and the great forces of the unconscious are put in line with the creative intelligence. The vital body is formed into a huge sail for the creative spirit of the Master as Heart to express itself through. Then we are in the stream of no return, we are in the Tao of wow! Nowness. Pow! Empowerment. Good to go. Only good to go. Always good to go. Going, going, gone! Gone! Beyond! And beyond beyond, done!

This is the No Who of the great fire of Hu exhalation; termination-cessation of being slave to karma, slave to drama and slave to mama as suffering darkness. No who is realization on the spot, liberation here-now, transcendence of every nanosecond, microsecond, to infinity. Now there is only liberation and there is truly no suffering despite pain, limitation, and infinite high and low conditions. No Who is Hu-dha nature, radical fire sound being, fire sound realization, fire sound practice, fire sound wisdom and fire sound compassion.
-Bhapuji Tisziji Muñoz