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Lew Soloff was my best friend. To him music was everything. He practiced trumpet a minimum two hours a day, every day. Getting older meant only one thing to him – “I got to practice harder!” At 71, his tone just kept getting better, his range stronger! When Lew heard me play with Tisziji, he was blown away. “I got to play with this cat!” he said. “Tisziji’s different,” I warned, “he cares more what comes out of your heart than your horn.” “My heart’s as big as my sound!” Lew said. I set up a meeting. “How’d it go?” I asked the next day. “Couldn’t have been worse!” he moaned. “I wanted him to hear me play so I brought him my last three albums. He said ‘I don’t want to hear them, Lew. I hate music! I’m only interested in transcendent Heart-Fire Sound.’ ” I laughed. Tisziji has been my musical mentor for almost 50 years. “All he means is he doesn’t want to hear what you did as much as what we might create. Real music is not a product with Tisziji. It is a living, breathing process – deeply spiritual.” “G-d is in every note I play,” protested Lew. “He knows,” I said. One day Tisziji called me and said, “It’s time we played with Lew,” and this date, The Paradox of Completion, is the result. Lew’s heart was full of soul, and his music joined Tisziji’s in sincere expression of divine love. Tisziji knew Lew was ready. These two great jazz cats played together for all time. —Paul Shaffer

This recording with Spiritual Master and guitar genius Bhapuji Tisziji Muñoz, recently departed trumpet maestro Lew Soloff, the ubiquitous Paul Shaffer on piano, Don Yaka (the lion-hearted) Pate on bass, Sadhu Bhav Tony Falco and myself on drums was an exuberant, ecstatic, intensely joyous get-together of like-minded spirits for the purpose of transcendent sound healing. On this date you can hear the unbound, unwound, fully sprung, freedom sound of Lew Soloff and what a treat it is. I’m so glad Lew had a chance to do this date and leave behind this uniquely liberated heartfelt outpouring before he passed. It is a joy to hear the fearlessly creative side of Paul and feel the great love he has for and brings to Tisziji’s music. Don’s powerful bass presence is the perfect balance to Tisziji’s spiraling skyward guitar playing. Sadhu Bhav Tony Falco is a true spiritual practitioner, which you can feel in his drumming. Once again, Master Bhapu has worked his shamanic magic, raised us in love, taken us deeper than we knew we could go, burned away the darkness, and bathed us in the grace of his divine Heart-Fire Sound. With you, Bhapu, the miraculous is the norm. No words could ever thank you enough. Love Always, Hu —Ra Kalam Bob Moses
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CD 1

  1. My Favorite Things
  2. Ode to the Mother
  3. Fatherhood
  4. Visiting This Planet

CD 2

  1. God-Fire
  2. Goodbye Dear Sweet Mother
  3. Leaving This Planet
  4. Only If You Love
  5. Spirit Path

Tisziji Muñoz: Electric Guitar
Lew Soloff: Trumpet
Paul Shaffer: Piano & Synth
Yaka Don Pate: Acoustic Bass
Sadhu Bhav Tony Falco: Drums
Ra Kalam Bob Moses: Drums

Recorded live at the Falcon in Marlboro, New York, on October 18, 2013
All compositions by Tisziji Muñoz except for “My Favorite Things” by Richard Rodgers/Williamson Music Co.
Producer, Mixing & Editing: Tisziji Muñoz
Executive Producer: Ellen (Virmananda) Gilley
Recording, Mixing & Editing Engineer: David (Gyandas) J. Sullivan
Assistant Recording Engineer: Jerry MacDonald
Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions
Anami Music Archivist: Rebazar (Hu Deva) Muñoz