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The enigma of free jazz guitar master Tisziji Muñoz’ Heart-Fire Sound continues in this creative, penetrating and blazing performance, begging the question, how and why should anything be played from less than the universe everything arises from?

Tisziji is always expressing the great Heart of nowhere, which embraces everything and everyone. Tisziji and this dynamic band go deeper into more beautiful and more intense Anami Music during this performance, which features two new, original tunes.

Tisziji’s music is daring, uninhibited and always true. This fact, combined with the great Lam Sobo John Medeski’s spectacular, incomparable piano excursions, makes this another great free jazz guitar and piano date, complemented by the always free and creative Yaka Don Pate on bass, and Vija Mu Adam Benham instinctively playing solid grooves on drums.

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  1. Why Did You Have to Do That?
  2. Goodbye Dear Sweet Mother
  3. Journey
  4. Visiting This Planet
  5. Venus
  6. When I’m Gone
  7. God-Fire

Tisziji Muñoz: Electric Guitar
Lam Sobo John Medeski: Piano
Yaka Don Pate: Acoustic Bass
Vija Mu Adam Benham: Drums

Recorded live at the Falcon in Marlboro, New York on February 22, 2015
Producer, Creative Vision & Compositions: Tisziji Muñoz
Co-Producer: Nancy Muñoz
Recording Engineer, Editing & Mixing Engineer: David (Gyandas) J. Sullivan, Anami Music, Inc.
Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions
Anami Music Archivist: Rebazar (Hu Deva) Muñoz