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Maha Shiva: The Razor’s Healing Edge was a most unforgettable evening at the Colony Cafe in Woodstock, NY, which is auspiciously located beside a cemetery. This was a very strange date during which there were many reports of lights and energies indicating some kind of spooky interdimensional activity. Someone said that during one of my guitar solos, they felt the building lift up and rotate! I felt a powerful presence of spirits in the room while I was playing and related to my playing. I was shocked to see apparitions of people I knew had already passed over, and even more surprised to see apparitions of the living who were completely somewhere else on the physical plane! I knew I shouldn’t be seeing them, yet I was! Strange, indeed! It was a truly profound, exciting and unforgettable experience. That is the night the spirits danced with the band! This was a night of very emotional music. It was a powerful Full Moon blow out! Lam-Sobo John Medeski’s playing was working the deeper side of mind and sound. The band with Don Yaka Pate, John Chait Lockwood and Ra-kalam Bob Moses were revving it ’till the very end. —Tisziji Muñoz
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  1. Goodbye Dear Sweet Mother
  2. Visiting This Planet/Favorite Things/Leave It Be/Only When It’s Good/Shepherd’s Chant
  3. It’s Done
  4. Moonburn/God-Fire/Where Else Can You Go Blues
  5. Keep It Real/When Heaven Descends Spirits Rise

Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar
Lam-Sobo John Medeski: Piano
Ra-Kalam Bob Moses: Drums
Don (Yaka) Pate: Bass
John (Chait) Lockwood: Bass

Recorded September 2009 at the Colony Cafe in Woodstock, NY
Producer, Creative Vision & Arrangements: Tisziji Muñoz
Co-Producer: Nancy Muñoz
All Compositions by Tisziji Muñoz except for My Favorite Things by Rodgers & Hammerstein
Recording & Mixing Engineer: David (Gyan-Das) J. Sullivan, Anami Music, Inc.
Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions