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These are very specific universal instructions given to Tahmpa Tse Trin (aka Karin Walsh), a professional classical musician whose hearing meditation practice and questions provoked sharp commentary at the beginner’s level of spiritual practice. These teachings epitomize what Tisziji calls the chant-based Fundamentals of HUdhism, a process of Heart-awareness Tisziji describes as a specific method of chanting and hearing HU beyond psychophysical hearing, into the source of all Sound, which is silence.

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When you find the master, you gain more instruction than you ever imagined. Blessings flow freely for all who do good works, but those who have devotion to mastery live in grace. Marry not your self in an other; make fire-wisdom your eternal companion and ultimate form of communion. Thus liberated, abide in transcendent realization — neutral, equal, and completely open.