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This double CD is a masterpiece, offering the listener an unusual series of meditations featuring the often volcanic, majestic and always creative Pharoah Sanders on various saxophones. These original ‘on-the-spot’ creations further demonstrate Tisziji’s creative mastery of the music medium to include surprising ventures into yogic and Eastern sound effects. This is the third in the historic 1997 trilogy with Rashied Ali on drums and percussion, and includes radical contributions by Bernie Senensky on piano and Don Pate on bass.

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CD 1

  1. Sound of Sounds :25
  2. Spirit-World Contemplation 21:46
  3. Harmonic Heaven 5:19
  4. The Final Words 11:39
  5. Dance The Feeling Of Love 6:43

CD 2

  1. Thank You All Great Spirits (Thank You For Your Love) 10:54
  2. Purification By Fire 10:05
  3. Sing Sweet Songs of Peace 3:08
  4. Blues For Planet Mirth 11:00
  5. Live To Give Heart-Love 4:08

Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar, Keyboard Synths, Bells, Vocals*
Pharoah Sanders: Saxophone, Vocal effects*
Rashied Ali: Drums and Percussion
Bernie Senensky: Piano
Don Pate: Bass

Produced by Tisziji Muñoz
All Compositions by Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI

Recorded on November 3, 1997 at
Rashied Ali’s Survival Studio in Soho, New York City.
Recording Engineer: Mike Muñoz
Mastered by Tisziji and Mike Muñoz at
Sweetfish Recording Studios, Argyle, NY
Assistant Engineers: Nancy and Rebazar Muñoz,
Larry Voelker, Mark Fuller & Mike Hostettler


Philadelphia Weekly

January 1999 by David Strauss

Tisziji Muñoz – Spirit World Featuring Pharoah Sanders

“No musician—particularly an underappreciated one—enjoys too many comparisons with other masters of his instrument. But I must come out and say it: If you’ve felt that the death of freaky free guitarist Sonny Sharrock has left a gap, then Tisziji Muñoz is your man. For his new, self-released, double CD set, Spirit World, Muñoz even roped in longtime Sharrock cohort, tenor god-head Pharoah Sanders, who gives his most focused performance since rocking the Casbah on Franklin Kierfmyer’s Solomon’s Daughter about a half-decade ago. The result is a worthy follow-up to the transcendental Sanders/Sharrock teaming on the classic Bill Laswell-produced (how often do you read THAT phrase?) Ask the Ages, which managed to fire up a luminously pacific setting. As on that unexpected masterpiece, Muñoz snags drummer/Coltrane alum Rashied Ali for the drum-chair. You can’t find this in stores (presumably for the same reason a jazz musician isn’t head of IBM), so write or phone your requests to Muñoz. The stats—no pranks!—are: Anami Music.”


#33 – June 2000 by Edwin Pouncey

“Tisziji Muñoz is a self taught guitarist of Puerto-Rican descent who has seemingly come from nowhere. The reality is that he has been making records for his own Anami Music label since 1984, and has played and recorded with a host of respected jazz figures that include bass player Art Davis, along with ex John Coltrane band members tenor sax player Pharoah Sanders and drummers Elvin Jones and Rashied Ali. Both Sanders and Ali join Muñoz on the epic Spirit World, a 2CD set which veers from full blown free jazz freak out to evenly paced modern jazz piano interludes (here performed by Bernie Senensky). The music on Spirit World is at its best, however, when Senensky is less prominent and Muñoz locks musical antlers with Sanders and Ali in a jam session that spiritually celebrates the art and artistry of Coltrane’s later years. Pleasingly unpretentious, devoid of bland mimicry and ripe with original thought, Spirit World is a dazzling album which reaches out and touches the listener’s soul.

“Even better, though, is Alpha Nebula: The Prophecies, which features the guitarist’s playing more centre stage. As its title suggests, here he is looking towards the stars, and beyond, to create a galactic guitar symphony which is segued with extreme electronic music passages. These tumbling, abstract, musical meteorites add to the atmosphere of the album which comes across sounding somewhere in-between Band of Gypsies period Jimi Hendrix, John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra and Interstellar Space era John Coltrane. Nothing, though, can really prepare the listener who is coming to Munoz’s playing afresh for the thrilling musical adventure that they will experience once they log into Alpha Nebula. Beyond rock, beyond jazz, Tisziji Muñoz is making music that, as he confidentially declares, will take you to the moon and back.”