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Moon-Vision is obviously not about watching or counting Moons. Moon-Vision is not even about Moon-Vision. It is about no Moon-Vision. Therefore, it is a crucial addition to the radical wisdom understanding of practitioners, and yet for those who are into super crazy-wisdom, this is more of the same… who knows! In other words, Moon-Vision is a question.

Tisziji’s Moon-Vision discourse was given during the Pisces New Moon of February 25, 1990. This Shared Vision which demonstrates Free Inquiry, and which can be read as Tisziji’s Song of Moon-Vision, sheds Its Light upon the nature, process, practice and Reality which corresponds to the Awakeness of the Seer, the Truth of the Moon or Spiritual Vision and the Realized Liberation of the Visionary.

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Seeing the Vision requires a necessary participation in that spiritual practice which leads to the activating and opening of the Inner-eye which, in rare cases, opens spontaneously under the most sacred conditions. However, to awaken the Inner-eye, the ‘self’ veil of the body-mind must be recognized as a limitation and thus destroyed and transcended. Then, the veil of thought must be pierced, penetrated and gone beyond in order to render the Heart-Soul naked, open and Awake. The destruction of this veil comes by fire, a Spiritual Fire generated as a result of self-transcending, purificational practice in the spirit of selfless surrender and Heart-Wisdom. Practicing in the Sacred Company or Being in Satsang with a Spiritual Guide, along with a daily program of intense, disciplined and guided spiritual practice which includes transcendental inquiry, serves to initiate, empower and complete this penetration which precedes and accompanies Awakened Seeing. Such an Awakened Seeing accesses the Moon-Vision, the Vision of Transcendental Being.