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Parasamgate Nebula (third in the Nebula trilogy, which began with Alpha-Nebula) is a meditation program for opening to the death process and to experience passing from bardos of word to sound, from the comprehensible to the incomprehensible, from penetration of sound form to soundful formlessness, from stage to stage, situation to situation, intensity to intensity and reality into reality, from the point of stillness to the expanse of infinity, from subtle sadness to profound and devastating tragedy, from happiness to hilarity, from one extreme to another more intense extreme.

Parasamgate Nebula is the recording that followed the Divine Radiance session of 31 October 2001. Divine Radiance served as the summit of Anami Music’s world mission and remains a beacon of creativity, Spirit and compassion for the world. Parasamgate Nebula represents the re-creation of the body-mind of humanity and the Earth, aligning both worlds to ultimate reality by way of releasing all attachment to self, thought, body, mind and world.

Parasamgate Nebula talks to the dead and ascending as well as to the living and those learning to let go, open to and accept the sacred function of death as an ultimate and transitional process of expanding into the infinite universe of the living and the trans-living, those going and the already gone beyond.

“The musicians were blown away during this 90-minute session. They had not heard or played anything as extreme as this at the time. No one has given as much as these soundian warriors who accompanied me on this transcendent date. This music is gone, these players were gone, and anyone who listens to all of this will also be gone mad… God Gone Mad!” —Tisziji Muñoz

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  1. Intro / State Of Inter-Consciousness 1: Leaving The Physical Plane
  2. Proceeding Into Transcendent Levels Of Awareness
  3. State Of Inter-Consciousness 2: From The Heart Of Love
  4. Death Is Merely A School To Be Transcended Or Forgotten
  5. State Of Inter-Consciousness 3: The Earth & Your Body Are Borrowed
  6. Die Into Transcendent Destiny Beyond Body & Mind
  7. State Of Inter-Consciousness 4: You Wake Up To Drop Dead
  8. In Death There Is No Life Or Death, There Is Only Realization
  9. State Of Inter-Consciousness 5: Living Is Death
  10. Tired Of Dying, Only Waking Up Will Do!
  11. State Of Inter-Consciousness 6: The Body Is A Machine
  12. There Is No Lasting Fear Of Death
  13. State Of Inter-Consciousness 7: Your Body And Mind Are Unnecessary
  14. What Is The Naked Love Of Soul?
  15. State Of Inter-Consciousness 8: Your Body-Self Is Dead
  16. Burn The Body
  17. State Of Inter-Consciousness 9

Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar
Don Pate (Yaka): Bass (left & right)
John Lockwood (Chait): Bass (center)
Bob Moses (Ra-kalam): Drums
Túpac Mantilla Gómez (Vij-Arjune): Percussion

Inserts & Word Instrumentation:
Tisziji Muñoz: Acoustic Guitar, Shenai, Synthesizers & Word
Rebazar Muñoz (Hu-Deva): Chanting/Voice
John Medeski (Lam-Sobo): Synthesizers
Tony Falco (Sadhu-Bav): Drums
Túpac Mantilla Gómez (Vij-Arjune): Percussion

Producer, Creative Vision, Arrangements & Compositions: Tisziji Muñoz
Executive Producer: Nancy Muñoz
Recording Engineers: Mike Muñoz & David J. Sullivan for Anami Music, Inc.
Mixing & Editing Engineer: David J. Sullivan
Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen at Nevessa Productions
Anami Music Archivist: Rebazar Muñoz
Recorded December 2001, June 2010 & November 2010 to March 2012
Published by Anami Music/BMI