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Through Tisziji’s approach to the music and the spirit Shaman-Bala he is able to connect his listeners to realities beyond the mundane world. There are not many shamanic players in pop/jazz music. It is certainly not common in the American market of commercially produced music.  John Coltrane and Sun Ra were two famous musicians from the 60’s. Tisziji is the most powerful Shaman of the guitar out there today.

“Tisziji Muñoz is an amazing guitar player. His music is pure avant-garde jazz.” —Phil Ramone

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CD 1

  1. Introduction by Bruce Gallanter
    (Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI) 1:17

  2. Gratitude
    (Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI) 13:07
  3. Initiation By Fire
    (Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI) 11:37

  4. My Favorite Things
    (Rogers and Hammerstein) 13:53
  5. The Redirect to Now
    (Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI) 4:00

CD 2

  1. Stepping Up to the Plate
    (Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI) 11:30

  2. Visiting This Planet
    (Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI) 9:20
  3. Crazy Heart Wisdom
    (Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI) 12:02
  4. No-Self, No-Thought, No-Mind
    (Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI) 10:10
  5. Prelude to Visiting This Planet
    (Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI) 17:58
  6. When I’m Gone
    (Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI) 5:46

  7. Crazy Heart Wisdom 2
    (Tisziji Muñoz, Anami Music – BMI) 9:14

Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar & Synth
Rashied Ali: Drums
Bernie Senensky: Piano
Don Pate: Bass

Produced by Tisziji Muñoz

Recorded on May 12, 2001 at
Tonic, 107 Norfolk Street NYC, NY
Recording Engineer: Mike Muñoz
Assistant Engineer: John Mateo
Mixing Engineers: Mike and Tisziji Muñoz


The Japan Times

October 17, 2002 by Tom Bojko

“‘I’ve always known music as a way of spontaneously expressing free heart feeling,’ says guitarist and metaphysical theorist Tisziji Munoz in an e-mail from his home in upstate New York. ‘Playing music as a broken or wounded heart is a constant characteristic of my heart feeling, or Soul, as some call it.’

“Munoz’ latest album, “Shaman-Bala,” which means “strong medicine man,” is a sustained explosion of the Soul that will floor any listener who likes it heavy, raw and loud. Recorded live in New York City, it features a former John Coltrane drummer-of-choice, Rashied Ali, Bernie Senesky on piano and Don Pate on bass. At times the quartet channels the music so hard that only Ali’s remarkable intuition and sure hand hold it together.

“Commenting on the recording, Munoz says, “Every time I play the way that I play, it is an opportunity to be creative and enter the transcendent fire of Spirit. This is easy to do with Rashied and the other cats on the ‘Shaman-Bala’ CD.”

“Listening to “Shaman-Bala,” one can feel Munoz going deeper and deeper into a sort of immolation therapy. On virtually every tune, his fat, singing tone sears the edges of his trills, glissandi and notes, which he holds a bar at a time as the band rocks on. Particularly impressive is his solo on “Initiation by Fire,” which ruthlessly attacks the high register, then suddenly digs into the register below, only to leap back to the highest frets on the neck. On “My Favorite Things” the guitarist leaves behind all known idioms as the notes fly by in a timeless, instinctive cascade. And on “Visiting This Planet” the band improvises off a riff so nasty that it makes most metal bands sound like bubble-gum pop. Throughout this double-album the band lends inventive, visceral solos as they ride along with Munoz, exploring spaces where few musicians dare to venture — and their joy in doing so is palpable.

“Although Munoz never had the chance to play with Coltrane, he has clearly absorbed aspects of the great man’s thinking through his jamming and recording with Coltrane’s musical next-of-kin — Ali, of course, but also McCoy Tyner, Pharoah Sanders and Coltrane’s son, Ravi. Speaking of his work with Sanders, Munoz says, “Pharoah just told me to play. Into the fire we would go, and the rest is history. For in the fire, I am fire!”

“Perpetually on fire, Munoz is now thinking about his next release, “Divine Radiance,” which has already been recorded. The album features Ravi Coltrane, Sanders and Ali, among others, and Munoz says the band is pushing to make a short tour of Japan after the album’s release next year.”

Downtown Music Gallery

August 2, 2002 by Bruce Gallanter

“TISZIJI MUNOZ QUARTET – Shaman-Bala (Anami Music 22) [2 CD set] Live at Tonic on May 12th of 2001 and featuring Rashied Ali on drums, Don Pate on acoustic bass, Bernie Senensky on piano and our favorite shaman electric guitar sorcerer – Tisziji Muñoz!  Holy shit, this is truly cosmic music!!!  Like Trane’s stream of notes on ‘Interstellar Space’ (with Rashied on drums 35 years ago) or Olly Halsall’s liquid guitar lines on “Money Bag” (from the first Patto album) or Alan Holdsworth’s flash of notes on “Hazard Profile” (from Soft Machine’s ‘Bundles’) – Tisziji reaches for infinity by unleashing an immense and intense flow of notes too quick to comprehend that become a waterfall of currents difficult to navigate without drowning unless you just swim in the flow.  The first time I heard a pre-release of this magnificent live set, I was in my friend’s Michael’s car in the middle of a thunder storm with breathtaking lightning a flashing in the skies as Muñoz’s was also letting those lightning-like lines erupt on the car stereo.  It felt like the same force of nature in all her spectacular beauty/power.  The quartet on this mind-blowing cd is a perfectly balanced and chosen – Bernie Senensky from Toronto is one of the unsung greats of modern avant-jazz piano and takes numerous thunderous McCoy Tyner-like solos.  Don Pate is a local giant of the acoustic bass and consistently bows and plucks with inventive spirits.  The lynch-pin hear is master drummer Rashied Ali, who plays with an incredible subdued yet massive free-flowing waves which seem to levitate the entire quartet upwards as Muñoz digs deeper and reaches for the heavens simultaneously!

“Tisziji’s other great quintet with Paul Shaffer on keyboards, Don Pate & John Lockwood on basses and Bob “Ra-Kalam” Moses on drums – played at Tonic once more two weeks ago for their yearly sojourn to the big apple and again blew many minds for two sets of their thunderous spirit-force sound.  Muñoz was in especially great spirits and form – telling stories, providing provocative self-effacing grains of wisdom and even dancing around – making us all feel like a part of his extended and loving family.  The next release on Anami will be a superb duo with Marilyn Crispell and I hope to get Muñoz and his ensemble with Dave Liebman into the Vision Fest next year. “Shaman-Bala” refers to a big spirit-healer or medicine man, so if your spirit needs some healing, you can purchase this wonderful two-CD only set for $18″