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Those who embark upon a spiritual path must be prepared for tremendous obstacles and difficulties. In Spirit Path, Tisziji guides seekers through the process of overcoming fears, karmas, family dissension, psychic and physical ailments, negative attachments, environmental disharmonies, egoic mechanisms and neurotic thought patterns. He offers instructions and techniques for purifying ones’ space and mind to allow for spiritual progression.

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“The so-called kingdom of God, which is also the kingdom of heaven, is actually an ancient reference to the domain which is Spirit, a domain which is Consciousness Awareness… not necessarily awareness upon any thing, but Awareness of Awareness Itself. Such a Free, Transcendental or Spiritual Awareness is the Truth of what others have called the Divine or the God Principle. The concept God, in this case, refers to the Totality of all the universes. This testifies to the fact that in each being is the potential of absolute God Realization, to include Cosmic Consciousness and the Realization  of Transcendent Reality. When an individual makes Conscious or Awakened or Genuine Contact with this Pure State of Awareness, what appeared to have been an object becomes a subject, and then disappears altogether. This differentiates ordinary self-consciousness from True Self-Realization which is the fundamental Realization of one’s Basic Nothingness or Positive Emptiness or Beingness, which  when Realized as a feeling, is the Essence of Love, Compassion and Mercy.”