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Tisziji Muñoz Live Again! at Page Hall with Dave Liebman is The Crisis of Awakening Concert. This 1994 Page Hall performance demonstrates Tisziji’s diverse, vibrant and electrifying Sound, joined by the unique saxophone master, Dave Liebman. This music, despite the fact that Tisziji played a warped guitar with a broken bridge and used an amplifier with a defective transformer, is offered because of its spiritual and creative purity. Available on audio cassette and as digital download.

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Side A

  1. Leaving The Pyramid (12:21)
    (Tisziji Muñoz – Anami Music BMI)
  2. Thanksgiving (13:17)
    (Tisziji Muñoz – Anami Music BMI)
  3. Impressions (8:54)
    (John Coltrane – Jowcol Music BMI)
  4. Somewhere (2:48)
    (Leonard Bernstein – ASCAP)

Side B

  1. Clearing The Bardo* (2:30)
    (Tisziji Muñoz – Anami Music BMI)
  2. Visiting This Planet (17:48)
    (Tisziji Muñoz – Anami Music BMI)
  3. Spiritual Reunion** (17:48)
    (Tisziji Muñoz – Anami Music BMI)

Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar & *Shenai
Dave Liebman: Saxophone & **Soprano Saxophone
Bob Moses: Drums
Don Pate: Bass
Bernie Senensky: Piano

Produced by Tisziji Muñoz
Co-Producer: Nancy Muñoz
Recorded at Page Hall, Albany, NY
September 17 & 18, 1994 on ADAT Tape
Engineer: Mike Muñoz
Assistant Engineers: Nancy & Rebazar Muñoz
Mixing Engineers: Mike & Tisziji Muñoz