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A rare interview between Paul Shaffer and Tisziji that clarifies Tisziji’s ‘Heart First’ creative process and the history behind their collaboration. Includes an uplifting encore set from their Divine Radiance Live! event, featuring Paul Shaffer, Pharaoh Sanders, Ravi Coltrane, Rashied Ali, and Don Pate. The 24-minute encore from the Divine Radiance Live! performance at the Village Underground can only be seen and heard on this DVD.

“Paul and I are not only an odd couple, but we are a God couple when it comes to music. Our musical relationship is completely intuitive, incomprehensible, yet perfectly workable. Special Heart thanks to Paul Shaffer and Jerry Foley for their brilliant work on this project.” —Tisziji Muñoz

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  1. Opening Interview Part 1 with Paul Shaffer and Tisziji Muñoz
  2. Divine Radiance Live! Encore: Visiting This Planet & Leaving This Planet
  3. Closing Interview Part 2 with Paul Shaffer and Tisziji Muñoz

Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar
Paul Shaffer: Piano
Pharoah Sanders: Saxophone
Ravi Coltrane: Saxophone
Rashied Ali: Drums
Don Pate: Bass

Executive Producer: Paul Shaffer
Editors: Dan Baggio, Andrew Evangelista, Jerry Foley, Steve Hostomsky, Mark Spada
Technical Consultant: Erik Akerblom
Videographer: Kirsten Johnson
Engineers: Chris Berndt, Lloyd Sherman
Published by Anami Music/BMI


Downtown Music Gallery

August 2, 2013 by Bruce Gallanter

“The first twenty minutes of this DVD is an interview/discussion between Tisziji Munoz and Paul Shaffer. They talk about when they first met in 1969 and how Paul learned from
Tisziji, first learning Munoz’ music and then letting go. The ever spiritual Munoz talks about learning through the native elders who give visions and guide us from the outer worlds or solar system and
eventually landing on the planet Earth when we are born. Paul asks Tisziji how the band prepared for this gig, but Tisziji says that there was no rehearsal, he knew how to choose the right musicians. The concert footage is well captured and everyone in the band is in great form. Everyone gets a chance to solo and each solo is something else. The sextet is completely transcendent, lifting the audience out
of their seats and into another dimension. Since this was filmed, the great Rashied Ali passed away, and the Village Underground closed its doors to performance.

“This disc is about 48 minutes long and it features a cosmic event, a meeting of six spirits coming together to help us travel to other worlds. You can tell that something special was going on that night.
To hear the complete live set, check out the ‘Divine Radiance Live’ CD!”