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A historical night combining the talents of Tisziji Muñoz, Paul Shaffer, Pharoah Sanders, Ravi Coltrane, Rashied Ali, and Don Pate. After the release of the Divine Radiance studio album, what could follow? Divine Radiance Live! leaps to the task of going beyond the original studio recording, with exquisite solo and ensemble work never before released. June 2013 marked the 10th Anniversary of the Divine Radiance Live! concert at the Village Underground in NYC. Don’t miss this jazz masterpiece!

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  1. Spirit Path
  2. God-Fire
  3. Ode To The Mother
  4. Nature Boy (by Eden Ahbez, Crestview Music – ASCAP)
  5. No Self, No Thought, No Mind
  6. We Meet Again In Spirit
  7. Purification By Fire
  8. Fatherhood

Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar
Paul Shaffer: Piano
Pharoah Sanders: Saxophone
Ravi Coltrane: Saxophone
Rashied Ali: Drums
Don Pate: Bass

Produced by Tisziji Muñoz & Paul Shaffer
All compositions by Tisziji Muñoz except Nature Boy

Recorded June 10, 2003 at the Village Underground, NYC, NY
Audio Engineer: Mike Muñoz at Anami Music, Inc.
Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen at Nevessa Productions
Published by Anami Music/BMI


Downtown Music Gallery

August 2, 2013 by Bruce Gallanter

“It seems hard to believe that this incredible live set was ten years ago in June of 2003! What is even more amazing is that this special concert was organized through the hard work of Paul Shaffer, ace keyboard player and longtime bandleader for the weekday night David Letterman TV show. Mr. Shaffer met Mr. Munoz on the streets of Toronto more than forty years ago in 1969 and they have been friends ever since with Mr. Shaffer helping out his inspiration whenever he can. Although the often mysterious and misunderstood Mr. Munoz remains under the radar at times, those with their ears to the ground recognize his amazing guitar playing and transcendent music. One of Tisziji’s main inspirations has been the sax playing, music of and spiritual journey of John Coltrane. Hence, Mr. Munoz played and recorded with Trane-collaborator Pharoah Sanders in the early seventies, as well as later working Trane’s last drummer Rashied Ali. Coming full circle is Ravi Coltrane, son of John, who along with Pharoah Sanders and Rashied Ali, were a part of the special cosmic gathering. All of the stars were aligned on this night at the now defunked Village Underground, a truly cosmic all-star sextet took the stage and blew all of the minds in attendance. What we have left is a 70+ minute CD which you should be holding in your hands to help you enter another world, healing music for all of those who need to be healed, whether they recognize it or not. This is the sh*t! There are those who don’t take Paul Shaffer seriously since he is a well-recognized figure on major network TV, the sideman or fall-guy for David Letterman. Shame on them. I’ve caught Mr. Shaffer with Munoz on several occasions as well as on record. Paul is a most impressive keyboard player and he shines like everyone else in this special sextet, every solo stunning. What I love about this disc and that concert is that the band takes their time, slowly building upon a firm foundation, one great solo at a time. What I find so interesting is that Munoz inspires his bandmates to play their best, better than they often play with their own bands since he is filled with that burning, inner-flame. Whenever Pharoah or Ravi take solos, Tisziji and Paul exchange lines, pushing each other and the soloists higher and higher. Besides the great sax solos, the interplay between the guitar, piano, bass and drums is consistently astonishing. For those of you who need that spirit/force/jazz tapestry, this is your medicine to take it and heal yourself!”