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Ugly As Ugliest (UAU) is a spoken meditation in five movements with instrumental accompaniment. Tisziji’s powerful narrative completes the trilogy envisioned with John Medeski, which includes Beauty As Beauty and Beauty As Ugly.

“Ugly As Ugliest means the basic true, beyond self, thought, word, music, mind, body, culture, world, and reality. It refers to fire-wisdom, which liberates on the spot. This is a symphonic statement in word consisting of five harmonic movements/modes, progressing from the gravity of suffering and catastrophe up and into the sound and word of sublime love. Part three of the Beauty As Beauty trilogy was supposed to transcend the first two parts, which featured guitar in classical (Beauty As Beauty) and in creative (Beauty As Ugly) mode. It was not time for more guitar; it was time for word on where My Bhagavad Guitar is always coming from, which in this case is self-transcending, heart-expanding spiritual practice into deep meditation and Heart realization. ” —Tisziji Muñoz

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  1. Urgent, Catastrophe
  2. Suffering, No Future
  3. Hearing Into Silence-Death
  4. Majestic Beauty
  5. Sublime Love

Tisziji Muñoz: Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Shenai, Keyboards, Bells
John (Lam-Sobo) Medeski: Piano, Keyboards, Hammond, Harmonium, Shruti, Bells
Bob (Ra-kalam) Moses: Drums, Spring Drum, Shakers, Bells
Túpac (Vijarjoon) Mantilla-Gómez: Percussion
John (Chait) Lockwood: Bass
Don (Yaka) Pate: Bass (Track 3)
Tony (Sadhu-Bav) Falco: Shakers (Track 1)

Conceived, Written, Arranged, Orchestrated, and Conducted by Tisziji Muñoz
Word Recorded December 14, 2009
Music Recorded January 12, 2010

Recorded and Mixed by David J. Sullivan (Gyan-Das) at Anami Music, Inc.
Vocals Edited by Tisziji Muñoz, Karin (Tahmpa) Walsh , and David J. Sullivan (Gyan-Das) at Anami Music, Inc.
Music Edited by Tisziji Muñoz and David J. Sullivan (Gyan-Das) at Anami Music, Inc.
Mastered by Chris Andersen at Nevessa Studio
Published by Anami Music/BMI


Downtown Music Gallery

August 2, 2013 by Bruce Gallanter

“This is the third part of the trilogy that Tisziji Munoz and John Medeski have been working on for the past few years. The
personnel is the same with the addition of Tupac Mantilla-Gomez and Tony Falco on percussion. ‘Ugly as Ugliest’ (UAU) is much different from the first two parts as it is a spoken meditation in five movements with musical accompaniment. Besides being known as an amazing electric jazz guitarist and composer, Mr. Munoz has written several books on religion and meditation, being a sort of guru or inspiration for musicians and listeners alike. Tisziji speaks in a calm voice and gives us his observations about life on Earth and consequences of living during this period of time. The music, which is in the background throughout is lovely, calming, exquisite, heavenly in sound. Tisziji plays a shenai which is a double reed, it radiates a distant drone which permeates the music throughout. I find the music to be consistently enchanting here but I find the words to be captivating in another way. Munoz makes many interesting observations which will take some time to fully observe and consider. Perhaps it would be better to listen to one section at a time since there is so much to think about. Take some time and give these words and ideas a chance to a way to better understand the world. That is what I am doing now and will do again until I have absorbed what Munoz is telling or trying to tell us.”