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Beauty As Ugly (BAU) is the second offering in the original trilogy I proposed to John (Lam-Sobo) Medeski, containing avant-garde versions of my compositions from the more classical Beauty As Beauty release. Beauty As Ugly marks the second stage of the creative cycle from structure to no structure. This date features the creative challenge of interactive expression moving towards the infinite. My special thanks to Lam-Sobo, Don (Yaka) Pate, John (Chait) Lockwood, and Ra-kalam Bob Moses for their extraordinary contributions to this effort. —Tisziji Muñoz

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  1. Happy Sadness
  2. Venus
  3. Blessings
  4. Motherhood
  5. Hearing No End
  6. Haunted Piano
  7. Venus II
  8. Talking Leaves, Walking Trees
  9. Stream of Peace

Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar
John (Lam-Sobo) Medeski: Piano
Bob (Ra-kalam) Moses: Drums
Don (Yaka) Pate: Acoustic Bass
John (Chait) Lockwood: Acoustic Bass

Music Producer, Creative Vision, Arrangements, and Compositions: Tisziji Muñoz
Executive Producer: Nancy Muñoz
Anami Music Archivist: Rebazar Muñoz

Recorded August 4/6/2009 at Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts (BUCDIA) in Waltham, MA
Recording Engineer: Gabe Herman
Mixing and Editing Engineer: David J. Sullivan (Gyan-Das) at Anami Music, Inc.
Mastering Engineer: Chris Andersen at Nevessa Productions
Published by Anami Music/BMI


Downtown Music Gallery

August 2, 2013 by Bruce Gallanter

“This is the second part of a trilogy and it features: Tisziji Munoz on guitar, John Medeski on piano, Don Pate & John Lockwood on acoustic basses and Bob “Ra-kalam” Moses on drums. The first part of this trilogy, “Beauty as Beauty” was one of the loveliest, most laid-back discs that I’ve ever heard from the usually over-the-top spirit/jazz guitar god Tisziji Munoz and his cosmic crew. For this session, part two of the trilogy, Mr. Munoz promised that his crew would ascend once again into deeper, darker waters and of course, it is true. Tisziji composed all of the songs here and at the center of this music is something special, something quite lyrical and directly from the heart. Why are there two bass players on this session? Probably for the same reason that John Coltrane used two bassists on the ‘Africa-Brass’ and ‘Ole’ sessions: to add a certain interweaving of bass waves to the flow. Sometimes one will bow while the other plucks the strings, but both of these bassists work together superbly. Downtown keyboard master, John Medeski, has been collaborating with Munoz (and John Zorn) for the past decade or so. Medeski, who is well-known for his organ work, plays just piano here and he also understands the essence of spiritual/jazz. His work with Munoz is forged in a tight flow of molten waves. The rhythmic heart of this and many of Munoz’ discs for the past dozen years is the legendary Bob “Ra-kalam” Moses, who teaches in Boston and who has a magical, organic way of supporting Munoz, and is the perfect drummer for this band. Each of Munoz’ and Medeski’s solos seems to tell a story and/or take us on a journey. Each one is something else, a gem to enrich our days. There is a sweet and sour vibe here or perhaps a mellow and intense depth that occurs simultaneously. It is the best of both or many worlds. Whoa! Take a roller-coaster ride and travel to unknown worlds with Tisziji Munoz, John Medeski and their special forces.”