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Not enough can be said about the significance of the reality of true beingness, which I have named the No-Oneness, who, as the Heart, is beyond selfishness and selflessness. My references for this condition of reality or awakened view go far back to my infancy and first few years of life when I was clearly cognizant, that is, aware of the spiritual Sound current, as witnessed by my mother. This process arose of itself and not by virtue of any mere blood, body, ear, self, thought, mind or world programming. Clearly, awareness as liberation awareness is the original condition, birthright and spiritual fact of every being. One can say it is through this silence-hearing ear of awakeness and silence-burn that both the universe and Enlightened Ensoundment are realized. I humorously offer this meditative writing to all who are beginning to know or who have always known transcendent Zero Heart-Space as The Matrix of No-Oneness.

—Tisziji Muñoz

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Who loves the burn to use it?
Who knows the burn to leap into it
without hesitation or concern
for self, other, world or dream?
Being alone, what is there to lose
but loneliness itself?
Let it burn,
melt into aloneness
and awaken as peace.

One who thinks of or is preoccupied with the ways of others is lost. One who thinks of their way as best is also lost. One who, as doubt, only sees faults is full of darkness. Enlightened beings see light in darkness and see darkness in light. Liberated beings see neither darkness nor light and see beyond seeing, and by seeing beyond seeing, abide as the fire of suchness and realize Zero Heart-space…living as the infinite presence of everything, everyone, nothing and no one all at once.