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After playing eight years in the New York jazz scene with Pharoah Sanders and other musicians between 1974 and 1982, and with my failing health, a change of location was imminent. During this phase I was spending a lot of time with my spiritualist relatives, making spiritual practice and musical practice in addition to raising my children the primary focus of my life.

It became quite clear to me that I was becoming powerfully moved to write about my understanding of Spiritualism based upon my experience and my intuition of what was true and real at the time. This feeling came to a critical point when I realized that I wasn’t going anywhere until I wrote about my understanding, wisdom and realization of the spiritual reality as it, on a number of levels, revealed itself to me. While my aunt Gracie warned me against writing The Sacred Knowing Of Is, I expressed to her that it was the most important thing I needed to do then in order to clear the path forward for me and my family. Furthermore, I knew I was entering new psychic challenges and spirital confrontations. The choice was made to move forward despite all risks to my person and my spirit. Intense and painful battles did follow. I survived the attacks and became stronger and wiser as a result.

Hence, I was moved to initially write The Song Of The Free Self as a statement of where I was in the worlds of practice and non-practice, outside of the religious traditions, as an individual directly resonant with Spirit. This cleared the way and led to writing The Holy Ground Discourse, which was written on request for those who were gathered around me who needed some form of documentation of what they were learning and needing to hear from me regarding the traditional wisdom path as a universal process. And it was done. But it wasn’t enough.

Having stated the status of my own practice, and being moved to provide my friends with a body of teachings for their reflection and spiritual practice, left one major aspect of my inner life to be reckoned with, for once and for all. And this requirement was formidable indeed. I had to confront my direct relationships with spirits, high and low, in a way which included the views of my mediumistic elders, making clear where my practice began and their practice, relative to what I was doing, ended in certain ways, where my function as a conscious medium extended into the musical realms of creation. I had no roadmap for what was coming except knowing there was only forward and on. In other words, no turning back.

Everything was making clear to me that this was a new phase of my life and an uphill climb towards accomplishment and completion. Completing The Sacred Knowing Of Is, on the levels of the spirits and my judgments thereof, required three full volumes. Only a particle of that will be shared with the public at this time. This small portion of the work, which applies to beginners, is what I feel to be most important, as it regards the general classifications of spirits and the karmas and indications of these grades as dimensions, worlds and domains unto themselves, however commingled with the human conditions on Earth and all other dimensions of the universe.

—Tisziji Muñoz

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The world, dimension or universe of spirits intermingles with the human world, just as the human world necessarily intermingles with the elemental world. Each world, while appearing to be independent, in truth shares of the totality of life. Spirits are, therefore, subject to variations of the law of cause and effect relative to their plane of subtle existence, just as human beings are subject to certain variations of the same cosmic law. There only appears to be exceptions. Regarding natural spiritual Law, there are absolutely no exceptions for ordinary beings!

Spirits in the spirit or astral world often use the vapor or mist body. This astral or vapor body is a gross body relative to the subtler planes, but is a fine body in comparison to the physical body.

Spirits are living entities, beings or units of awareness. Spirits are, thus, levels of consciousness. Each spirit being is an energy, tone, vibration, light, power, presence, thought, feeling or form of intelligence. Thus, spirits which or who attain, through progressive unfoldment, self-mastery and perfection, the state of Pure Awareness, radiate and express the Truth of Being in the most compassionate, universal and transcendent sense.