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“At the session, there was very little conversation or verbal guidance offered, yet there was a natural, spontaneous empathy between Steve and Tisziji. This recording features and honors Steve Kuhn in a unique way, showcasing his ability to play with freedom, openness and depth without sacrificing any of his other musical attributes. The music herein has a classical flavor, yet defies all classical conventions and boundaries. It is simultaneously very in and very out. It’s free, magical, mystical, mysterious, humorous, heart-wrenchingly beautiful, absolutely unique and incomprehensibly gone.

“This sublime jewel of a record is a testament to the transformative, healing powers of Spirit in music … its purpose to touch and open the sacred, heart-center essence in all beings. I feel infinitely blessed and grateful to be part of Bhapuji’s Heart-Fire Sound benediction to the world.” —Ra-Kalam Bob Moses

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  1. It Gives Me Great Pleasure
  2. We Meet Again In Spirit
  3. Pondering Incomprehensibility
  4. Visiting This Planet
  5. Leaving This Planet
  6. Without A Lamp, Hearing Is Your Light
  7. Understanding ‘No Change’ Please
  8. Crisis Of Attachment
  9. Forgotten, But No Forgone Reclusion
  10. Heart Broken Healed
  11. Pyramid
  12. Fatherhood

Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar & Bells
Steve Kuhn: Piano
David Finck: Bass
Ra-Kalam Bob Moses: Drums

Music Production, Creative Vision, Arrangements & Compositions by Tisziji Muñoz
Co-Produced by Karen Muñoz and Ellen Gilley
All Compositions by Tisziji Muñoz
Published by Anami Music – BMI

Recorded on May 23, 2010
Recorded & Edited by David J. Sullivan (Gyan-Das) for Anami Music
Mixed by Mike Muñoz, Anami Music
Mastered by Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions


Downtown Music Gallery

January 2013, by Bruce Gallanter

“For Tisziji’s 27th (!) recording for his own Anami label, Munoz has chosen another marvelous pianist – Steve Kuhn. What is interesting is this, Mr. Kuhn was the perhaps first pianist that John Coltrane tried out around 1960 before deciding on McCoy Tyner for Trane’s soon-to-be famous quartet. “We Meet Again in Spirit” is mostly piano and bells and it is quite sublime. Mr. Kuhn plays with elegance and grace like a harpist creating soft waves. Each piece builds in intensity and spirit as the quartet merges their energy and creativity. Most of the songs begin as a trio of piano, bass and drums, the interplay is consistently astonishing. I am not that familiar with bassist David Finck but I know that he has been the bassist in Mr. Kuhn’s trio for quite a while. I’ve heard recent trio recordings by Mr. Kuhn and felt they were very restrained but this is not the case so much here. Legendary drummer Ra-Kalam often adds a subtle yet steady underlying propulsion and dialogue, engaging the pianist and bassist to go even further. Since Munoz has written all of the music here, he gives the trio a chance to explore his themes without playing himself. His melodies are often soothing, uplifting and inspiring. When Tisziji’s guitar finally enters, the vibration ascends, the turbulence increases and a light shines through. For those of you, like myself, who need those cosmic, searching, swirling, sustained-tone guitar solos, Mr. Munoz unleashes the floodgates during the second half, the final thirty minutes. It feels so good to have those cascading notes wash over us like bathing in a waterfall on a cool spring day.”