The presence of the teachings in The Bhagavad Guitar Player is intended to offer guidance and leave a critical body of work as evidence for consideration for those with the eyes to hear and the ears to see that the pursuit of music and the path of Sound awareness need to be intelligently and sacredly reconciled. Those with the ears to see know, beyond all doubt, that the wise pursuit of music need not lead to spiritual darkness and confusion, or cause one to stray from the path of enlightenment and spiritual realization, regardless of the form, idiom or spirit of the music itself. —Tisziji Muñoz

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Agni-Shabdyana is ear yoga, the yoga of hearing Silence. It is a means to attain and realize self-awakened communion with and as the transcendent Heart-Sound of itself. Those who practice the royal Shabd-samadhi of selfless absorption in the great Sound are known as yogis, those in ecstatic Sound communion.

Blessings always appear as rain or drops of love falling from above. Such a blessed rain is called Baraka, or those blessings which are freely given to one and all. The wise one or invoker does not desire these blessings for itself. The wise one invokes, or wishes for, these blessings on behalf of or for the sake of all beings.

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