These videos are for specific individuals at a critical time in their spiritual journey. These videos are not created from any need to be a knower, teacher, guru or anything, as much as to be true to my birthright as a healer in service to those who approach me with a sincere Heart-need to know. My response to those in need has taken many forms, to include talks, audio and video recordings or direct meetings by phone or in person. However, regarding the videos, the humorous creative nature of my transmission has been based upon spoken and unspoken questions from someone I may or may not be sitting with. Each video represents its own time and target audience, which means it is given to the few and made available to the many. There is definitely an intuitive nature to what is being said. More deeply, there is a realization that everyone, while appearing to suffer changes, is originally Spirit-Soul nature, thus simultaneously conditioned and unconditioned pure awareness. -Tisziji Muñoz

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