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The Free-Master text represents the intensity and comprehensibility of the wisdom instruction yielded between 1984 and 2000. This represented a formal guru function phase of living as the wisdom of Free-Mastery which was Spirit-given and not self-desired. This has since given way to the spontaneous creative functioning of living as the liberative Burn of Free-Mastery, the mastery of freedom and being free of freedom. The Free-Master is a concept, not a person, not a man or a woman; it is the creative intelligence of the no one and the no thing of the impersonal Heart itself.

All of the Anami Music productions and numerous spiritual writings were born of requests from others at different levels of their journey and spiritual practice. Thus, these belong to others more than they do to the Free-Master intelligence. They are Spirit-given and Spirit-gone. —Tisziji Muñoz

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106. True being is another term for God as irretrievable goneness beyond dependency and independency, the essential Heart or indescribable reality of itself, the already disappeared! Hu… always going to gone!God Gone to mad is not other than true, pure and radiant be-ness, hereness or isnowness itself. This is perfectly obvious to the Free-Master or Master guide itself as the Sound stream of pure serenity-bliss.

This fact of the process of spiritual beingness of all beings enables the realized guide, as inner or true Master, to recognize, to awaken, to love and heal and awaken all beings as itself, without condition or qualification, save as conventionally appropriate or spiritually needed.

To Hu is to heal by instant, already gone to burn-release.