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The Beauty As Beauty trilogy was conceived in response to pianist John Medeski’s expressed need to get deeper into the Spirit of Heart-Fire Sound as I have revealed, taught and demonstrated it. This was also an opportunity to standardize some of my early melodical hauntings. Beauty As Beauty was originally recorded as a duet project, the first of a trilogy representing three dimensions of expression: Beauty As Beauty, composition; Beauty As Ugly, creativity; and Ugly As Ugliest, transcension. The sweet melodies of the Beauty As Beauty stage of the trilogy represent my discipline and early life love of structure, and exemplify the utter simplicity, openness and directness from which I approach the Heart-Fire Sound music which expresses it. —Tisziji Muñoz

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  1. Motherhood
  2. Only If You Love
  3. Gratitude
  4. Impermanence (New York City)
  5. Blessings
  6. Crisis of Attachment
  7. Happy Sadness
  8. It’s Done
  9. Ways of Love
  10. Wounds of Love
  11. Thank You!

Tisziji Muñoz: Guitar
John (Lam-Sobo) Medeski: Piano
Bob (Ra-kalam) Moses: Drums
David Finck: Bass
Airto Moreira: Percussion & Vocal

Music Production, Creative Vision, Arrangements & Compositions: Tisziji Muñoz
Co-Producer: John (Lam-Sobo) Medeski and Nancy Muñoz
All Compositions by Tisziji Muñoz
Published by Anami Music – BMI
Anami Music Archivist: Rebazar Muñoz

Recorded August 12-14, 2008
Recording Engineers for guitar and piano: Chris Bittner and Michael Birnbaum, Applehead Studios
Recording Engineer for bass and drums: David J. Sullivan (Gyan-Das), Anami Music
Edited by David J. Sullivan (Gyan-Das), Anami Music
Mixed by Mike Muñoz, Anami Music
Mastered by Chris Andersen, Nevessa Productions.


Downtown Music Gallery

August 2, 2013 by Bruce Gallanter

“Quite a surprise! For anyone who has heard any or all of Tisziji’s previous two dozen discs, this is something else entirely. Mr. Munoz is known for his astonishing, trial-by-fire, sheets-of-sound, post-fusion, lightning-quick, cosmic guitar playing. But here, Tisziji leaves us with his own lovely, transcendent, often-tender yet riveting melodies. This is mainly a duet with the equally creative keyboard wiz John Medeski who plays just piano instead of his trusty organ. The center of everything that Tisziji does is to create healing music to help out our troubled planet. In a sense, this is the culmination of that offering, reaching out to give us all a helpful hug. I’ve never heard Mr. Munoz or Medeski play more exquisite, lush, radiant or lovely. These are ballads for the children in each of us who listens. Each of these 11 songs featuring a stirring melody, often sad yet beautiful. The music is often stripped down to just a skeletal, exquisite melody. The rhythm team just adds the occasional ornamentation not much more. For the first time that I can remember, Tisziji takes almost no solos, he plays his melodies straight so that that inner essence can shine through. Eventually on “It’s Done,” the eighth piece, he takes a slow solo, a superb solo with a minimum of notes, making each one count. For “Ways of Love,” it is Medeski who plays the angelic melody, playing those cascading, harp-like notes sublimely. Can’t wait to hear more!”