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Who are you?
What are you?
What is your karma?
Who is your karma?
What is your mission?
Who is your mission
What is the means?
Who is the means?
When will this be done?
Where will this be done?
How will this be done?
What is the goal?
Who is the goal?

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“While the physical body is subject to change and age, the spiritual body remains pure, perfect, peaceful and beautiful. Each is the spiritual perfection of love. In this love, each is holy, divine and one with the Heart itself. This is the truth of each in its original state in the Heart and as the Heart. Awaken as the Heart I Am and be love to all beings.”

“Always turn to love directly. Love is the true master of the Heart. Love belongs to all and is the true parent of life, without which there is only the darkness who is death and the death who is darkness. Love is true life beyond all laws, limits, conditions and promises. Love transcends all barriers, all dimensions, all relative planes of perception and understanding. Only love is love, and nothing and no one is as perfect as love is, except when one is that love. In love, all beings are perfect, as divine love is.”