These e-mails were sent to Subhuti (Kshanti Sangha-gita) during her three week visit to China and Tibet in September 1999, where Subhuti visited several Buddhist monasteries. For a good portion of time she had no access to e-mail and was not able to be reached by phone. She was also in an environment where the prevailing Chinese government did not welcome free speech and actions, especially from outsiders.
Although these e-mails were addressed to her personally, Tisziji’s realization serves all beings who need to be reminded of their own potential for spiritual perfection and Heart realization. Here is a demonstration of Master Tisziji’s technique to protect a companion by transmitting teachings to her even when she had no means of receiving them on the physical plane.

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Hu Subhuti-ma!

May your sacred karmas, sacred actions
and sacred offerings merge with those of
the great Masters of Spirit, Word and Sound
and may the Heart’s infinite mercy
and goodness surround you and all beings.

Many lives have brought you here.
Many tests have strengthened you here and
despite the natural ravages and distractions
of all time-space worlds and concepts,
you have been chosen by Spirit to work with me
and the very good spirits to develop and
eventually publish this teaching word
for the sake of all beings.

May you never open to the lower worlds
of negative selfishness and suffering.
May you always understand
with the Heart of a Buddha
how great all of this is
and how great you are for staying
this often difficult course of life practice.

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