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(Chapter 16 of Tisziji’s soon-to-be completed text, Hearing Into Hu-ness!)


Transcending family is impossible for most beings. For those designed for interdimensional experience, transcending the family is a figure of speech representing movement into deeper and higher states of consciousness.

Sitting is transcending self and other, transcending family, and transcending world. Transcending means leaving the family and all of its karma (conditions and obligations) at home. Leaving the family is to leave behind all river of blood inherited darkness, ignorance, confusion, bad habits, closed-mindedness, and addiction to sleep, vital body cravings, and compulsive eating habits. Leaving the family means getting beyond all psychoneurosis-producing, unhappiness-building, self-limiting, negative self-imaging programming. To transcend the family means to be in the present, in the now, and thus open beyond suffering, discomfort, and obsession. To transcend the family of blood (emotion) and mud (attachment) means to realize awakenment and embrace the fullness of what it is to be simply and completely awake at the Heart, awake in and as the creative intelligence of Spirit, and awake as the liberated, peaceful, radiant body of light.

The impulse of awakening recognizes the obstructiveness of negative and perverted energy in the forms of anger, greed, lust, attachment, and vanity. Everyone already is this impulse of awakening but at what level, if not necessarily in the form of a conscious self-releasing creative process? Initially, it shows up as a desire for the freedom to indulge and to bind. Through transformational practice, this impulse expands into transcending all experience and knowledge, all associations and relations.

Awakeness is already leaving the family, leaving the past, leaving ancestral influences, friends, and associates in darkness, leaving behavioral programs of action, emotion, confusion, and ignorance, and leaving all self-identification to itself. Ensoundment (hearing into Silence) training means awakening beyond time, space, matter, energy, and mind programs, games, assumptions, delusions, beliefs, and convictions, all of which show up as obstructing the creative processes of liberation and spontaneous transcending of ignorance.

There is a sacred, not a self, purpose to leaving the family. Leaving the family equates with the renunciation of all self-other suffering. The paths of mud and blood must be recognized for what they are as gravitational fields of bondage, limitation, pain, and suffering. These must be recognized in full for the profound implications and dangerous conditions they represent and impose on all unaware beings. The family provides critical life experience in bondage and suffering, beyond which the recognized spiritual family provides support and sympathetic resonance for the journey into and beyond the body-mind and the limitations of human conditioning. Clearly, leaving the family is not just to leave the family or in any way act against the family. Leaving the family means having the courage to engage in the process of spiritualization beyond all limitations recognized as the karmatic patterns of self, thought, mind, and world. Leaving the family means to liberate oneself and all beings simultaneously! You leave your family to lift, free, and heal your spirit, strengthen your mind, and re-create your body into a body of light, peace, wisdom, and freedom.

Most beings see a survival purpose in their life of struggle for material liberation and mastery. But the survival path by itself is the path of bondage and spiritual unhappiness. Whereas, few see a supreme purpose in their life, which is to transcend and master material liberation as a step towards mastering spiritual liberation and living a sacred life of Heart service to all beings.

All the Masters have had to leave the family as a first step on the real spiritual path of recovering pure light nature, which, in the final stage, is not for or against anyone, and thus wisely open to all beings and all things.

Many Masters and great teachers have had to renounce all of their possessions, attachments, and relations in order to ascend to the spiritual worlds for their realization, empowerment, and divine mission. To leave what holds you back prepares you to receive and enter that which you know not. In this case, darkness and unknowing are given up for light, wisdom, spiritual practice, association with the wise, and training in self-mastery at the physical, emotional, causal, mental, etheric, spiritual, and transcendent levels.

Leaving anything, let alone a body of suffering, is a gesture of bodhi, awakening, and transcending. Even the thought of being beyond anything is an indication of the function of bodhi, which, as a deeper level of liberated intelligence, indicates the potential of ultimate bodhi and egoic release from all things and beings. Bodhi, realized to its fullest, is realization beyond realization, and functioning as the Heart of compassionate wisdom at all times to all beings. Leaving the family is not a loss; it is a super-gain. Leaving the family of blood means opening to the family of the universe. The true Heart is the universe. The universe is the true Heart! This is good practice. Hu.

-Tisziji Muñoz