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(Chapter 20 of Tisziji’s soon-to-be completed text, Hearing Into Hu-ness!)


No one plays this music. No one hears this music. No one knows this music. How can one play this? As soon as the ideas come up, what it is disappears. As soon as any emotion comes up, it disappears. As soon as any memory comes up, it disappears. As soon as what causes it to disappear disappears, it appears as it always is — calm, clear, and awake.

What is it that disappears in this case? Is it sound, music, noise, or silence? Which of these disappears or appears under what conditions? Ensoundment realization means only nothing appears and thus nothing disappears. How can anyone play from or as this? When musicians consider what is done here in terms of performing Heart-Fire Sound, can anyone believe that such Sound, as Shabd, is a musical form and thus something you can hear in terms of music, structure, or improvisation? Heart-Fire Sound is none of this. It has absolutely nothing to do with music as music is understood to be. Heart-Fire Sound equals radiant Silence, but how does one access or manifest that which neither appears or disappears? How does one access that which isn’t, yet always is?

All beings, and especially musicians, are doing the right things for themselves. They are being cultured, being educated, being experienced, being karmatized, being knowledgeable, being musical, being sociable, being businesslike, being artistic, being successful, and as a result of all this being, they are being ignorant as to what I am bringing to them, playing from, and living as! Who and what am I living as, if not the no one with nothing in mind, from an abundance of Zero Heart-space?

Why is anyone striving to do or be any of this, which is void of the world, void of self, void of thought, and void of mind? What’s the point? Who is the point? On the other hand, there is self-nature and the karmic machinery relative to that, and there is Heart-nature and transcendence relative to it. This is now becoming quite clear, fundamental, basic. From here, one can hear differently and more in line with this deep practice, purpose, and result…of course this music, which is no music, no human, and no thing!

From Ensoundment, the source realization of this manifestation of Sound and light, there are no beings, no worlds, and no things! Obviously, from here there is no such thing as music as known and practiced, while most human beings are entrapped and enslaved in such phenomena! Truly, from Ensoundment realization, there is no such thing as playing or being a performer of any music. There is no such thing as forms of music or variations of music, and no such thing as difference or similarity in music. There are no people involved in music. There is no music for other or specific people. There are no levels and no higher or lower forms, grades, or levels of music. There are no instruments, no orchestras, no bands, no groups, no halls, nowhere to play, and no one who plays anything like music, since there is no one to begin with. In other words, from Heart-Fire, there is no need for the conventional view and practice of music. Ensoundment is a radical but natural and true realization of radiant Silence.

This is Ensoundment realization. This is the Spirit of Heart-Fire Sound. Who understands this beautiful paradox? Who lives and practices from this liberating paradox? Who is this paradox? Who is this liberated and gone? Hu.

– Tisziji Muñoz