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Bhapuji Tisziji speaks on the Porch at Dorje Drilbu
to Kshima and Tahmpa on July 27th 2015:

Who can be bored in the midst of
a continually unfolding miracle?
It’s about the moment —
missing or seizing the moment,
entering into and penetrating the moment,
mastering and transcending the moment,
completely embracing the moment
through the grace of openness.

Is the moment just a moment?
And when is a moment forever?
Whose moment are you in?
Is it a self moment?
Is it an other moment?
Or could it be a neither self nor other moment?
Whose moment is this?
Whose moment isn’t this?

Whose moment is now?
Whose moment is then?
Whose moment is over there?
Whose moment is here?
Whose moment is real?
Whose moment is true?
Whose moment is only now,
only here and only this, and this alone?

Whose moment is phenomena —
seeing, hearing, feeling, intending,
conscious, just aware,
all gone, completely gone?

Whose moment is beyond description,
comprehension and even realization?
Who knows?
Whose who?

Whose moment is love?
Whose moment is peace?
Whose moment is compassion?
Whose moment is mercy?
Whose moment is awakening?
Whose moment is enlightenment?
Whose moment is realization?
Whose moment is realization-liberation?
Whose moment is profound breathing?
Whose moment is the joy of being?
Whose moment is simply silence?
Such is everyone’s moment of no moment.

Word is not word.
Word is sound,
and truly, sound is silence.
Therefore, all speech is not other
than silence manifest in sound, shabd.
So it is with all the masters
who confess all they hear is God —
no more and no less.
For to hear beyond appearance
is to hear into source,
and that source is the real,
the one and only of itself,
the Heart,
the Heart,
the Heart.

Every moment is good meditation.
Every now is deepest moment.
Deepest moment is deepest presence.
Deepest presence is true self being,
pure being,
infinite being.

Such true, infinite being
is properly realized as no being,
the all being,
incomprehensible being,
being beyond being,
divine being,
transcendent being,
the no being of sacred being,
being gone,
absolutely only gone,
zero, poof, to infinity,
and always already here.
Abide in peace,
peace and more peace,
evermore peace,
into no peace,
the all peace itself,
the great peace,
the perfect peace,
the complete peace,
the only true peace,
gone to peace,
always gone to peace,
self gone to peace,
other gone to peace,
thought gone to peace,
feeling gone to peace,
memory gone to peace,
yes, time gone to peace,
mind gone to peace,
world gone to peace,
galaxy gone to peace,
universe gone to peace,
peace gone to nothingness,
nothingness gone to radiance,
radiance into presence,
presence into reality,
reality into suchness,
and suchness into suchness.

This is the practice of no practice
and dealing with what’s left
when everyone and every karma
are already gone.
All relations gone,
all occupations gone.
Self-realization first!
Then, other realization,
and beyond these,
no self and no other realization,
and neither self nor other realization.
All poof!
Straight into none-ness!

Love always,
Bhapuji Tisziji Muñoz